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Southern Crossings is sponsored by Barnard College, in conjunction with ROCAM PRODUCTIONS LLC, with major support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and additional contributions from the Center for Science and Society at Columbia University, and the Office of the Dean of the Social Sciences, also at Columbia University. The opera's composer was also supported by a residential fellowship at Columbia University's Institute for Ideas and Imagination, in Paris and the Society of Fellows at the Heyman Center for the Humanities.


We still need your help.


You can support Southern Crossings in two ways:

You can help us bring it into the world with our fabulous cast and extraordinary creative team. Make your tax-deductible donations via ROCAM PRODUCTIONS LLC, using its fiscal sponsor, 'Fractured Atlas,' via the DONATE icon on this page. Other than the processing fees taken by Fractured Atlas, 100% of your contributions will go to the opera's production costs.

If you would like to support the educational activities associated with the opera, including

web-based, video and podcast programs for learners on questions related to the operatic tradition, the history of science and the pursuit of freedom after slavery, you can do so through targeted giving to Barnard College. Our aim is to make this opera the medium of learning, and to do so without cost to all interested parties, from curious learners to engaged teachers. For information on how to make targeted contributions to Barnard College, contact Professor Yvette Christiansë at You can also contribute directly to Barnard by clicking here (please be sure to indicate that you are supporting the 'Southern Crossings Opera Project').

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